Posmus, 2010

Part of a photo camp, I’ve spent a week with the residents of Posmuș, a village in Bistrița, Romania. I was there together with a group of upcoming young image makers, mentored by the photographers Cosmin Bumbuț and Voicu Bojan. My intent was to portray the village by capturing its human activities and social relationships. This trip helped me contextualize my relationship with photography. Posmus-2 Posmus-3 Posmus-4 Posmus-5 Posmus-6 Posmus-7 Posmus-8 Posmus-9 Posmus-10 Posmus-11 Posmus-12 Posmus-13 Posmus-14 Posmus-15 Posmus-16 Posmus-17 Posmus-18 Posmus-19