Hook Lighthouse

We camped overnight on a ridge overlooking Hook Lighthouse in Co. Wexford. It’s one of the last operational lighthouse still left. It was great waking up to this view.

Griffith Park, Dublin

Dubliners celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while enjoying the warm sunrays out in Griffith Park.

Daylight, Dublin

A man sits in the afternoon sun along the Grand Canal in Dublin. This winter has been so dark and cold, but now daylight is growing. People are looking for every opportunity to enjoy a bit of sunlight.

Irishtown Nature Walk, Dublin

I went on a trail down the coast near Irishtown in Dublin. It’s a sunny weekend and people are making the most out of it keeping a physical distance.

Riders on Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin

It’s a mid-day on a Sunday on what was once a busy spot in town. Almost no one in sight. All that is left are crews of kids who on the streets.

Lockdown, Dublin

The COVID 19 lockdown in Ireland is getting to us mentally. It’s been a tough and grim winter, most of which we spent far away from friends & family. I’m trying to go out more and take more photos. This image speaks to my soul right now.

Mika in pandemic gear

We’re going out prepared.