Mika in pandemic gear

We’re going out prepared.


Grand Canal Dock, Dublin

Grabbed lunch and a dose of sunwaves around Grand Canal plaza in Dublin.


Caged birds

A vinyl record hangs around a tree in Fairview Park in Dublin.

It’s been a good few months of physical distancing and we’re spending the day out in Fairview Park meeting with friends. While it’s great to be able to spend time outside, we feel like caged birds in the absence of other people.


Dalkey Island

A view of Dalkey Island from Sorrento Rd.


Black Lives Matter Protest, US Embassy in Dublin

At least a thousand people from all ages and walks of life gathered in front of the United States Embassy in Dublin to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Community, to support the anti-racism rallies underway in the United States and to call for an end to the Direct Provision system in Ireland.


We spent a weekend in Krapets, a small Bulgarian village a few kilometers away from the Romanian border.



A view of the surroundings from Newgrange.


The Mirror Conspiracy

Went on a hike to the Three Rock Transmitter near Dublin. I’ve been going through Thievery Corporation’s albums recently and unfortunately missed their show in town. So this image is a dedication to The Mirror Conspiracy. Its bossa nova and latin jazz influence sets stage for a theme around conspiracy, espionage, surveillance.



An afternoon walk through Ano Poli, the old town in Thessaloniki. Things here seem at a standstill given it’s Sunday and people are hiding from the heat at home or in bars, where they are expecting the results of the Greek Parliament vote.