Northern Lights, Hill of Tara

Sky watchers enjoy the Northern Lights at Hill of Tara. The phenomenon was visible today across Ireland due to a powerful geomagnetic storms.


București Obor

At the Obor square in Bucharest people go about their day, navigating between improvised stalls which are filling the sidewalks. The place is dominated by brutalist commie flats.


Forest walk

Light and shadows, make the woods.



This is Bucovina!


Iezerul Sadovei Lake

Nestled amidst the Obcina Feredeului Mountains of Bucovina, Iezerul Sadovei Lake is a serene place. It’s a natural dam lake, formed by a landslide that blocked the flow of a river. Legend goes, there’s a hidden treasure at the bottom of the lake, and I’ll let you find out about it.


Stare Nalewki Street, Warsaw

People in Warsaw stop to watch an open-air exhibition devoted to the victims of the great Jewish deportation on Stare Nalewki Street. It is part of a series of events commemorating 80 years since the Nazi Germans began the so-called “Grossaktion Warschau” – a huge deportation of Jews to the extermination camp in Treblinka. Stare Nalewki Street is where the center of Jewish Warsaw was located before the 2nd World War.


Curracloe Beach

People leave Curracloe beach after a mist engulfed it. Mists are common on the Irish coastline, but we never witnessed one like this on a beach. This phenomenon is also called advection fog. It forms when warm, moist air moves over a colder surface, such as the sea or the ground. The warm air cools and condenses, forming fog.


Hook Lighthouse

We camped overnight on a ridge overlooking Hook Lighthouse in Co. Wexford. It’s one of the last operational lighthouse still left. It was great waking up to this view.

Griffith Park, Dublin

Dubliners celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while enjoying the warm sunrays out in Griffith Park.